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A fraternal and beneficent society of Catholic men

Brief History of Knights

The Knights of God Apostolic

Metropolitan Archbishop David L. Cooper with sword and staff You can be a knight and you don't need to be of royal blood.

It is a little known fact that there have been Orders of Knighthood that did not require royal blood for many centuries. Many of these Religious Orders of Chivalry are in existence today. They tend to be difficult to get initiated into. Many of these Religious Military Orders of Chivalry have their origins in the medieval Catholic Church. A few examples of these Catholic Orders are:

The Order of the Knights Templar, founded in 1118 and confirmed by Pope Honorius II in 1123 The Knights Hospitalers (Also known as the Sovereign Military Hospitaller Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Of Rhodes And of Malta; Hospitallers of St. John of Jerusalem: Order of the Knights of Rhodes and other names over the centuries)

Orders of Knighthood:

Archbishop David Leon Cooper in chair Other true Orders of Knighthood include:

These are not fraternal organizations but are true Orders of Knighthood. Many of them exist today. Some of them are purely awarded by the Pope--not the Vatican.

Metropolitan Archbishop David L. Cooper prelate of sacred magistery during a knighting Currently, there are bishops and archbishops that are Priors or Grand Priors of Orders of Knighthood. We know that Christ's priesthood is a "royal priesthood" from the Bible. Real Bishops carry a historically traceable unbroken lineage from the Holy Apostles of Christ. Historically, bishops have appointed their captains of the guard and controlled knights.

Historically, Religious Military Orders were completely independent of the secular royal houses in many cases.

It is evident that a valid Bishop of God can establish and name a Religious Military Order of Chivalry. This is what we have done. We have instituted this upon the ancient and well established authority of a Bishop of the Holy Church--who with his brother bishops--carries the nearly 2,000 year old Apostolic Succession.

+David Leon Cooper, OMM, KTG, OCC, Metropolitan Archbishop Here is a list of some of the credentials of Metropolitan Archbishop David Leon Cooper. He is always striving for additional knowledge in his on right for the betterment of his position as Archbishop of the Religious Military Order of Chivalry.

The Metropolitran Archbishop +++David Leon Cooper has received numerous honorary titles of nobility from families that continue their rights under international law and the legal protections provided by the home nations of these heirs of royalty. Many of these families have continued their rights and traditions with Orders of Chivalry.

Our founder, the late Patriarch Georgius Alexis I (Archbishop George Bussman, SGS) not only passed on the Apostolic Succession along with his brother bishops, but specifically granted his "son in God" Archbishop David Leon Cooper rights of initiation into:

The Knights of God Apostolic and designated him to be the "Prelate of the Grand Magistery" and his brother bishop, The Late Archbishop Miguel DeSoto, to be Grand Prior. We have already begun to initiate Knights of God Apostolic with the rights to use the title "Sir" before their name. Women may be accepted as a "Dame Grand Cross" with rights to use the title "Lady". This is not a mere "church award" nor is it a "fraternal organization"; it is a true Religious Military Order of Chivalry based upon historical precedent and the Apostolic Succession. We are Orthodox. We are open to sincere men and women who are involved in serious and substantial service to humankind. What is our purpose? To defend the Faith of Christ, the downtrodden, sick, lame and poor. We are opposed to the desecration of holy sites anywhere--regardless of religion. We are concerned about injustices and denial of injustices. If you feel in your heart that you can pledge to work with us toward our goals then we invite you to seek membership.

Note: The title "Grand" was changed to "Sacred" at a later time. The original concept was that there would be a bishop presiding rather than a (lay) Grand Master as is common in most Orders of Knighthood--thus the use of the term "Sacred" .The prelate reserves the right to use either title. He is, in fact, Prior and Grand Master.

Father Jeffrey Dire, KTGA

Father Jeffrey Dire

  • Father Jeffrey Dire, KTGA
  • Priest, SOC EACS
  • Healthcare Ministries
  • Chicago, IL

Deacon Stan Brandenburg, KTGA

Deacon Stan Brandenburg

  • Deacon Stan Brandenburg, KTGA
  • Charitable Missions, SOC EACS
  • Philippines

+Clement Nyob

Clement Nyob, Vicar General for Africa
View more photos

  • +Clement Nyob
  • Vicar General for Africa
  • Suffragan Bishop
  • (Metropolitan Archdiocese SOC EACS and Allied Jurisdicions)
  • Certified Teacher, degreed Philosopher

Special Notice:

Special Notice: We are providing researched academic writings in this area. Critics should be willing to put up their references if they challenge this scholarship.

Anointing With Holy Chrism by the Metropolitan

The Anointing with Holy Chrism is purely a spiritual church act. No crown is presented. It is only a church act of apostolic blessing for the grandmasters who support the morality common to the Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and other decent churches of the apostolic succession.

Coronation Anointing is solely a religious rite and remains within the ecclesiastic jurisdiction of the Spanish Orthodox Church EACS and the Metropolitan Archdiocese.

Prior to the administration of the anointing with Holy Chrism, the grandmaster pledges to support and promote the morality common to the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches. The vow is taken with the hand on the Bible.


Pope Francis

Pope Francis and His Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinple Here is a picture of Pope Francis and His Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople Successor of St. Andrew

Churches in Communion

The Catholic Apostolic Orthodox Jerusalemite rite Church.

Communion of Autocephalous Ecclesiastical Jerusalemite and Primitive.(Holy Throne Primate) (+Alexander Maia, "Alexander I" current Primate)


You may contact the Prelate of the Sacred Magistery, The Most Reverend David Leon Cooper, OMM, MS, KTGA, by writing or calling him directly:

Archbishop David Cooper, KTGA

Mailing & Shipping Address:

Metropolitan Archbishop David Leon Cooper
9250 Reseda Blvd. PMB 264
Northridge, CA 91324


Metropolitan Archbishop David Leon Cooper
(By appointment only)
Phone: 818-390-1452
Please do not send text messages--voice only!
No text messages, please!

The Knights of God Apostolic is a ministry under the auspices of The Spanish Orthodox Church and the Ecumenical Apostolic Chaplain Service. We are an independent religious organization and are not affiliated with any other church entity except the Orthodox Catholic Church, NP and the Order of Caring Chaplains, an Orthodox Catholic entity by intercommunion and shared bishops.

Grand Council of the Sacred Magistery of the Archdiocese of Religious Military Orders of Chivalry

Additionally, I am looking for several council members for the Grand Council of the Sacred Majistery of the Archdiocese of Religious Military Orders of Chivalry. It is open to any individual who is presently a member of any of our orders. It is a life appointment. A medal will be issued with a certificate. No other medals of this type will ever be issued. Only 13 of this type were made.

The archdiocesan council is the Grand Council of the Sacred Magistery of the Archdiocese of Religious Military Orders of Chivalry. It also includes the Knights of God Apostolic, the Archbishop's Guard of St. Sebastian and the Third Order of the Lion of Styria. There are 7 honorary officers of that counci:

  1. Grand Chancellor (vacant)
  2. Bailif and Protector of the Orders (vacant);
  3. Marshal (currently His Excellency Brother Oleg Khilkevich, KTGA, Baron);
  4. Prince Stan Brandenburg, KTGA, Deacon
  5. Sergeant; (vacant)
  6. Standard Bearer; (vacant) and
  7. Magistral Delegate (vacant)
  8. The Archbishop's Guard of St. Sebastian

These members of the council advise the Metropolitan Archbishop and monitor moral purity in the orders.

Blogs and Uneducated or Misinformed Individuals

There is some chatter out there regarding orders of chivalry, certain royals, etc. We have noticed that the comments indicate ignorance. Certain individuals do not understand the legal significance of "de jure" royal claims under international law. They do not understand the rights of those with bloodlines of the former reigning houses of Europe, Russia and the Byzantine Empire.

Some of these same ignorant individuals make incorrect statements about the independent Orthodox and Catholic Churches. They do not understand the difference between church governance and validity of Holy Orders in those churches. The Roman Catholic Church holds to indelibility of Holy Orders. That means that even if a bishop is excommunicated, he still is a bishop with effective powers of Orders. He can ordain other bishops and priests. They will be considered valid. They do not recognize their right to govern the churches that they develop. Nevertheless, in Rome's eyes they are valid priests and bishops!

The Eastern Orthodox do not have this view. Many Greek Orthodox would say that the Roman Catholic Church is not even valid!! (So much for that opinion.)

The Independent Catholics, Old Catholics, Western Orthodox/Orthodox Catholics, Anglicans,etc. take the Roman view of validity. None--not even the archbishop of Canterbury--is considered an adequate governor of his church by Rome. (Nevertheless, most Anglicans are considered quite valid.) Old Catholics are definitely considered valid. Orthodox are considered valid--yes, even break off "independent" Orthodox.

Churches like ours have all of these lines of Apostolic Succession. Thus, we are considered valid. We do not care about their attitudes regarding our governance--they do not agree between themselves either! Rome might say that Orthodox can govern themselves, but the Greek Orthodox will not say Rome does!!

For more information on knighthood:

See our Third Order of the Lion of Styria at Order of the Lion of Styria. This is an ecumenical Apostolic Order of Chivalry under our jurisdiction.

Bishop Matt Konopka, Bishop John Allen, Patriarch Georgus Alexis I (+George Bussman), Archbishop Miguel Desoto, Father Ron Findlay
from left to right:
the Late Bishop Matt Konopka
Bishop John Allen
the Late Patriarch Georgus Alexis I (+George Bussman), Grand Prior
the Late Archbishop Miguel Desoto, Grand Prior
the Late Father Ron Findlay


The Metropolitan Archdiocese Bulletin 9/12/10 SOC EACS

  • Karel Vorster Email - Clearly Brother Karel knew that the SOC was not under Rome and was a separate organization as this email indicates from 2010. We believe that he is upset because he was not ordained. He never completed seminary. He was also trying to get a Roman Catholic deacon to join us!

    +++David Leon

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Aspirants may apply by sending a "Letter of Application" which includes documentation of service. Upon acceptance, you will receive the Rite of Initiation during a Mass which will include vows and a dubbing upon the shoulders and head in the Name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit. This will be done with a blessed sword inside a chapel. You will rise as a Knight of God. You will receive an ecclesiastic license certificate and documentation of our Apostolic Succession.

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Note: Archbishop Cooper never claimed to be a Roman Catholic bishop; he claims to be Orthodox. It is the Vatican that has said that the Orthodox share the Catholic Faith and are separated sister Catholic Churches. The Envoy Magizine article about Archbishop Cooper is misleading. The terms Orthodox Catholic and Orthodox Christian are synonomous. There are independent Western Rite Orthodox jurisdictions all over the world. Archbishop Cooper's Order does NOT have gay or women priests.

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