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About Us:

christ on cross-01 The Knights of God Apostolic is a ministry under the auspices of The Spanish Orthodox Church and the Ecumenical Apostolic Chaplain Service. We are an independent religious organization and are not affiliated with any other church entity except the Orthodox Catholic Church, NP and the Order of Caring Chaplains, an Orthodox Catholic entity by intercommunion and shared bishops.

Our founder, the late Patriarch Georgius Alexis I (Archbishop George Bussman, SGS) not only passed on the Apostolic Succession along with his brother bishops, but specifically granted his "son in God" Archbishop David Leon Cooper rights of initiation into:

The Knights of God Apostolic and designated him to be the "Prelate of the Grand Magistery" and his brother bishop, The Late Archbishop Miguel DeSoto, to be Grand Prior. We have already begun to initiate Knights of God Apostolic with the rights to use the title "Sir" before their name. Women may be accepted as a "Dame Grand Cross" with rights to use the title "Lady". This is not a mere "church award" nor is it a "fraternal organization"; it is a true Religious Military Order of Chivalry based upon historical precedent and the Apostolic Succession. We are Orthodox. We are open to sincere men and women who are involved in serious and substantial service to humankind. What is our purpose? To defend the Faith of Christ, the downtrodden, sick, lame and poor. We are opposed to the desecration of holy sites anywhere--regardless of religion. We are concerned about injustices and denial of injustices. If you feel in your heart that you can pledge to work with us toward our goals then we invite you to seek membership.

Note: The title "Grand" was changed to "Sacred" at a later time. The original concept was that there would be a bishop presiding rather than a (lay) Grand Master as is common in most Orders of Knighthood--thus the use of the term "Sacred" .The prelate reserves the right to use either title. He is, in fact, Prior and Grand Master.

Apostolic Succession

The Apostolic Succession is the historically traceable lineage of hands-on Consecration (Ordination) of bishops that is an unbroken link with the Holy Apostles.

Our bishops have multiple lines of Apostolic Succession including schismatic Roman Catholic, Old Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Oriental Orthodox and Anglican as well as others. Our bishops and their Consecrating prelates (bishops) and those before them are to be found in the books of the so-called "books of irregular bishops" that are known to scholars of the Apostolic Succession.

Archbishop David L. Cooper's Credentials:

Archbishop David Leon Cooper

The Metropolitran Archbishop +++David Leon Cooper has received numerous honorary titles of nobility from families that continue their rights under international law and the legal protections provided by the home nations of these heirs of royalty. Many of these families have continued their rights and traditions with Orders of Chivalry.

Archbishop Note

Note: Archbishop Cooper never claimed to be a Roman Catholic bishop; he claims to be Orthodox. It is the Vatican that has said that the Orthodox share the Catholic Faith and are separated sister Catholic Churches. The Envoy Magizine article about Archbishop Cooper is misleading. The terms Orthodox Catholic and Orthodox Christian are synonomous. There are independent Western Rite Orthodox jurisdictions all over the world. Archbishop Cooper's Order does NOT have gay or women priests.

Archbishop David Leon Cooper is also a prelate in the Order of Caring Chaplains. The OCC is an Orthodox Catholic entity.

History of Patriarch George Bussman:

History of (the late) Patriarch George Bussman

  • History of (the late) Patriarch George Bussman,SGS
  • (Consecrator of +++David Leon Cooper)